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Kakuro Solving Tips

Each Kakuro puzzle has a single unique solution and can be solved without any guesswork. You can use deductive logic to eliminate the invalid number options and find blank cells that can fit only a specific number. As you fill in individual cells and blocks throughout the puzzle, you will be continually evaluating logical possibilities of various number combinations and eliminating invalid options until you reach the final puzzle solution.

You can take advantage of the following tips as you master your Kakuro solving skills:

  • Pay attention to the possible block sum combinations. Depending on the block sum/length combination, there might be anywhere between one and twelve possible number sets that correctly add up to the block sum. Identifying blocks and cells with limited valid options holds the key to solving Kakuro puzzles.
  • First look for short blocks and blocks with unique sum options. Such blocks typically have more limited valid number options and are good candidates to look at first when you start a new puzzle. As some of the cells get filled in, this approach allows to kick-start a puzzle and get additional clues for solving more complex neighboring block configurations.
  • Use pencil marks to note possible combinations. Placing pencil marks in empty cells helps capture possible numbers and eliminate the invalid options.
  • Double check your number input. Always be careful when you input a number as mistakenly placed numbers always lead to confusion and lost effort.

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Check out this quick, step-by-step video tutorial that shows how to solve a complete Kakuro puzzle:


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Please contact us if you would like to use our Kakuro puzzles in newspapers, books, periodicals and other forms of publications (paper and electronic). We can generate and supply puzzles in custom quantities, sizes and difficulty levels.


Each Kakuro puzzle consists of a grid with blank cells and variously placed sum numbers. The objective is to fill in the blank cells with numbers between 1 and 9 such that the total sum of all numbers in each row block equals the sum number shown on its left and the total sum of all numbers in each column block equals the sum number shown above. Additionally, each block must consist of unique numbers — you cannot use the same number in each block more than once.