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Primo Kakuro HD

Best Way to Play Kakuro!

Primo Kakuro HD Overview

"Primo Kakuro is a beautiful, highly addictive game that actually challenges your mind and can make you smarter. This is a rare thing among the vast multitude of addictive time wasters on the App Store."

"The game has been executed so well that it is definitely worth the price."

"Primo Kakuro is a must-have for your iPad and/or iPhone/iPod Touch games collection. Highly recommended!"

4.5 stars out of 5, Game on Mac
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Primo Kakuro Puzzles
    Top quality puzzles are the key ingredient of a great gaming experience. Our team of math and science PhDs developed a world-class proprietary puzzle generator just for that purpose. And every puzzle is guaranteed to have a single solution which can be found through pure logical deduction.


Primo Kakuro Puzzles
    Primo Kakuro HD is loaded with powerful features that will enhance your gaming experience and help you become a kakuro master.
Primo Kakuro Puzzles
    Three pencil mark modes and a multi-color feature, dynamically updating cross sum displays, error highlighting and other great features support any gaming style - from assisted to fully manual.
Primo Kakuro Puzzles
    Primo Kakuro HD offers fully customized portrait and landscape gaming orientation support.


Primo Kakuro Puzzles
    Primo Kakuro HD app has a gorgeous design that compliments its powerful features and great puzzles. Enhanced with visual and sound effects, the app's zen styling with bamboo wooden textures has a calming and relaxing feel.
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Available on the App Store

Current Version: 1.1

Languages: English


Primo Kakuro HD and Primo Kakuro HD Lite are compatible with any iPad running iOS version 4.2 or later.


  • 8 new puzzle packs available for in-app purchase ( 4 levels - 400 puzzles) in the full version.
  • Multi-color pencil mark feature.
  • Game Center Achievements support.
  • Various minor fixes.


Puzzle Packs

  • Primo Kakuro HD includes 410 puzzles in 9 level packs:
    • Intro 5x5, Easy 10x10, Easy 14x10, Medium 14x10, Medium 16x12, Hard 16x12, Hard 19x13, Evil 19x13, Evil 22x14
  • Primo Kakuro HD Lite includes a variety of 40 puzzles in 5 mini-packs:
    • Intro 5x5, Easy 12x10, Medium 15x11, Hard 18x12, Evil 20x13
    • Also get Primo Kakuro for your iPhone/iPod touch which includes a different set of puzzle packs (only the Intro mini-pack is the same in all versions).


    • Puzzle zoom/scroll feature that makes it possible to comfortably solve very large puzzles.
    • Fully customized portrait and landscape gaming orientation support.
    • Row/column cross sum displays that show all possible number options for a selected cell.
    • Smart Marks mode that automatically places and removes pencil marks in the whole puzzle based on your input numbers.
    • Semi-automatic auto delete and fully manual pencil mark modes.
    • Error highlighting, erase all pencil marks and puzzle restart features.
    • Puzzle timer and sound effects ON/OFF switches.
    • Built-in help pages and kakuro tutorial with an animated demo.
    • Beautiful visual effects.
    • Classic and glass tile skins for the puzzle appearance.

    PR KIT

    Click here to download a collection of descriptive texts (English) and high quality graphics for all versions of Primo Kakuro. Feel free to use these materials when you write about us.


    Periodically, we publish free printable kakuro puzzles which can be downloaded in PDF format. More on this page.