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JKnit User Guide

Knitting with JKnit: Using the Counter

This section explains how to use the counter and the information available while you are knitting.

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The Counter Screen

Finally, you are done setting up your project and ready to knit! When you select a piece on the Project Pieces screen, JKnit will take you to the Counter screen. As you start advancing the counter, JKnit will show if there are any instructions for the row you are in. If there are no new instructions, just continue knitting in pattern. Let's take a look at the features of this screen in more detail.

Top Portion of the Screen

Above the counter, you can see the name of the piece you are working on, as well as the Status and Setup buttons. The Status button itself displays the current piece status. Tap on it to change the status according to your progress. The Setup button provides access to the piece setup.

The Row Counter displays the current row number for your piece. When you knit, increase the row number as you complete each row by pressing the '+' button. If you made a mistake and need to frog, press the '-' button.

Just below the counter you can see the number of sts on the needles in the current row. To use this feature, you have to input the number of sts on the needles at the start of a piece in the Piece Setup screen.

Use the PDF button on the right to open the pattern PDF file. If you haven't linked a PDF file to your project, you can do so in the PDF file section of the Project Info screen.

Events This Row

Below the counter area is the Events This Row list. As you are knitting each row, check this scrollable list to see if there are any events displayed. You can access the detailed view mode by tapping on the desired event in the list (more on this later in this guide).

Upcoming Height Events

On the bottom of the screen is the horizontally scrollable Upcoming Height Events summary. If the piece you are working on includes instructions that start at a specific height, they will show in this area. You will have to manually activate these events when you reach the specified height of the piece. Read more on this topic in the next section of this guide.