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JKnit User Guide

Knitting with JKnit: Accessing Event Details

Learn how to view the event details such as the full event note and completion statistics, and stop events with unlimited repeat cycle.

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The Event Details screen is accessed from the Counter screen when you tap on an event in the Events This Row list. This screen provides additional, more detailed information about the selected event.

Event Note

When you input a long event note, it will get truncated if it does not fit on the Counter screen. However, you can always see it in full on the Event Details screen where it is displayed as a scrollable text. You can also adjust the font size of the note as you like it.

Event Occurrence Stats

The Event Occurrence Stats section shows the event occurrence information and its completion statistics. When you have events with repeats, you can easily track here how many times the event has been completed and how many more repeats are there to go. If the event has multiple occurrence stages, the current stage will be highlighted and you can scroll the list to see the statistics for all of the stages.

Block Event Details

If the event is a part of a pattern block, a pink section with the event block details will appear on the bottom of the screen. This section shows the name of the block the event belongs to, event's relative row number within the block and the block repeat status (see the image on the bottom of this page).

Stopping Events and Blocks with Unlimited Repeat Cycles

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This Event Details screen provides another great feature to help you deal with events and blocks with unlimited repeats. When you reach a point in you piece when you would like to stop an event from repeating, tap on it to access the Event Details screen and press the Stop Repeating button. When you do that, JKnit will automatically convert its occurrence settings from unlimited to the number of repeats it had so far. If you are going to re-knit this piece again, you will have this event's occurrence settings preconfigured. An extra benefit of this feature is that you can link another event or a block to the completion of such an 'unlimited' event. The moment you stop the 'unlimited' event, the event/block linking to it will kick in automatically. Such capability provides additional versatility in inputting pattern directions.

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This feature works similarly for blocks. To stop an infinitely repeating block, access the Event Details screen and press the Stop Repeating button on the bottom of the screen. The block events will run through the end of the current repeat cycle and then stop. This feature provides similar benefits for blocks as previously described for events.