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JKnit User Guide

Knitting with JKnit: Starting Height Events

Learn how to activate height events while you are knitting.

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On the bottom of the Counter screen is the horizontally scrollable Upcoming Height Events summary that displays if there are any instructions that must start when you reach specific heights of the piece. If you did setup any such height events for the piece at hand, they will all appear in this summary, ordered by starting height.

When your piece measurement reaches the next upcoming height event, activate it by first tapping on the arrow button on the lower right to pull up the height event list, and then pressing the Start button of the desired event. If you have several upcoming events at exactly the same height value, start them in the order used in your pattern directions.

When you start height events, they become assigned to the row you are currently at and, from that point on, are handled similarly to regular row events. If you made a mistake and need to frog to a row number below the one at which a height event was started, such height event will move back to the list of upcoming height events. You will need to activate it again when you are back at the specified measurement height. Be aware that activated height events will not move back to the list of upcoming height events if the Lock Height Events? switch on the Piece Setup screen is ON.