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JKnit User Guide

Inputting a Knitting Pattern: Setting Up and Inserting Pattern Blocks

Learn how to setup pattern blocks and insert them into your project pieces.

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Block Setup

For some patterns that have cables or other kinds of repeating details, it is practical to create a block of instructions that can be reused in different pieces of the project. The pattern block feature in JKnit does just that! When you create a new block or tap on an existing one on the Pattern Blocks screen, JKnit will bring out the Block Setup screen.

Setting up a block is conceptually similar to setting up a piece. First, name your block and then start inputting the knitting instructions by adding events. However, block events have the following restrictions:

  • Block events have to start at a specific row or be linked to another event (height events do not make sense in blocks).
  • Block events must start in row 1 or higher.
  • Block events cannot have unlimited repeat cycles.
  • As you setup the list of your block events, for your information, JKnit displays the total number of rows in this block. This might come handy if you make this block repeat as you insert it into your project piece(s).

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    Insert Block

    If you created a block in your project, you can insert it into your project piece(s) along with all of the other instructions. When you tap on the Insert Pattern Block field on the bottom of the Piece Setup screen, JKnit will open the Insert Block configuration screen. You can also edit the block insertion settings by tapping on the corresponding field in the List of Events. Below are the configuration parameters for the Insert Block screen.

    Select Block

    Tap on this field and select the name of the block you are inserting.


    Similarly to a regular event, you can insert a block at a specific row, a specific height of the piece or link it to the completion of another event or block. Follow your pattern directions and the same logic as when starting a regular event to configure your block's starting position.

    Block Occurrence Settings

    To configure the block occurrence, you just have to set the How Many Times? parameter. By default, it is set to 1. If you want the block to repeat indefinitely, check the Unlimited box. Otherwise, uncheck the box and input the appropriate value.