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JKnit - Knitting Project Assistant app

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JKnit User Guide

Project Info: Adding Project Materials, Photos, and More

This section shows how to input and keep track of various project information like photos, materials, notes, etc.

JKnit User Guide image JKnit User Guide image

Project Info

The Project Info screen lets you input and keep track of project materials and timeline, add photos and notes, and edit the project name. Press the Edit button in the upper right to switch from review to edit mode.

PDF File

Link a file from your JKnit PDF library to your project for direct access from the Counter screen. To learn how to import your PDF files into JKnit, please refer to the last section of this User Guide.

Project Materials and Notes

There are three sections for inputting project materials: Yarn, Needles and Other Materials. Input your information into these sections as you find appropriate. For inputting notes, there is a dedicated section on the bottom of the screen which will store up to 10000 characters of text. You can use the Notes section to paste in a text from your pattern directions, keep a log of project notes, etc.


When you create a new project, the starting date is stored automatically in the Timeline section. Similarly, when you complete a project and set the status of all of its pieces to completed, the completion date will be automatically recorded. However, both of these dates can be manually updated in edit mode.

The Knit Timer automatically keeps track of the time you spend knitting a project. There is no need to start or stop the timer - it will be on as long as you are in the Counter screen. Keep in mind that the timer pauses when the device goes into sleep mode or if you switch to another app.

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You can add photos to the project by going into edit mode and either adding them from your device's photo library or taking a picture with the device's built-in camera (assuming your device has one).

The Slideshow feature lets you review your project photos in full screen mode. It can be accessed in both review and edit modes.

If you add more than one photo to the project, the first image in the list will appear as a project thumbnail. Use the drag feature in edit mode to reorder your photos as desired.