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JKnit User Guide

Projects, Pieces and Blocks: Projects and Their Components in JKnit

This section describes how to create, delete and work with projects and their components in JKnit.

JKnit User Guide image JKnit User Guide image JKnit User Guide image

My Projects

When you press the Knit button in the Main Menu, JKnit will bring you to the My Projects screen. As you create your projects, you will see them all listed on this screen. Each project cell in the list displays your project photo (if you added one), the project name, start date and its completion status.

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Nominally, your projects are sorted alphabetically by name, in a case- sensitive manner. Press the Sort button to reorder your projects by name, status, date started or date completed.

To create a new project, press on the '+' button. To delete a project, swipe across the cell and press the Delete button. To proceed with a project, just tap on its cell in the list.

Projects Pieces

When you select a project on the My Projects screen or create a new one, you will proceed to the Project Pieces screen. On the upper right, you can access the Project Info to input and keep track of your materials, notes, photos and more. You learn more on this topic in the next chapter of this user guide.

Projects in JKnit must consist of one or more pieces. Press on the '+' button to create and start setting up a new project piece. You can delete a piece by swiping across its cell. If you prefer, you can also manually reorder your pieces in the list by first pressing the Sort button in the lower left. Tap on a piece to proceed to the Counter screen.

Projects Blocks

You can alternate between pieces and blocks screens by pressing on the respective selector tab. Pattern block in JKnit is a set of instructions that can be put together and reused in different pieces of the project. This feature provides a major convenience and flexibility when you setup cables and other types of repeating patterns. We will show how to setup and use blocks further in this user guide.

You can create and delete blocks similarly to pieces. Tap on a block to go the Block Setup screen.