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JKnit - Knitting Project Assistant app

Your ultimate knitting project assistant

JKnit User Guide

Getting Started: Quick Overview

This summary gives a quick overview of JKnit's structure, concepts and capabilities. Refer to the subsequent sections of this user guide to get a detailed overview of all of the features and functions in JKnit.

Just input your knitting pattern directions into JKnit and let it guide you, step-by-step, through the whole project. The app has a rich set of functions and features that allow to precisely capture virtually any knitting pattern.

When you start a new project, divide it into one or more pieces and input pattern instructions for each piece. Follow the pattern directions to determine how many pieces to create or just use your personal judgment or preferences.

Individual knitting instructions are called events in JKnit. When you setup a project piece, add in all of the specific instructions as a sequence of events. You can also group a set of instructions into a block, and then plug it into any of your project pieces. When you are done adding in all of the instructions for the piece, JKnit will automatically process all of the events and blocks and link them to a single row counter. When you start knitting, advance the counter as you complete each row, and JKnit will give you detailed reminders of what you need to do next.

In addition to the pattern directions, JKnit lets you keep track of additional project information such as photos, materials used, notes and timeline.

JKnit is capable of storing unlimited number of projects, as long as there is enough memory on your device. All your projects will be stored in the app's database, and the app will remember where you are in each of your projects. So even if you get back to a project months later, you can just pick up where you left off.

JKnit's capabilities have been further enhanced and extended by the release of the JKnit Web Portal - a powerful web application that allows to setup JKnit projects on any computer and then easily transfer them into the app.