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JKnit User Guide

Using the Web Portal: Using the Transfer Manager

Learn about transferring projects in and out of JKnit.

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Transfer Manager

After you successfully log in to your portal account, JKnit will open the Transfer Manager screen. Now you can start easily importing and exporting projects in and out of JKnit. Select the respective tab selector to import or export.

Importing Projects

When you import projects, JKnit will display the list of all your projects that are stored on the web portal's server. The Reload button on the bottom left of the screen refreshes this project list in case you momentarily lost a connection or made remote changes. To import, click on the desired project and press the Start button. JKnit then will connect to the server and download your project to the app. When you log off and go to My Project screen, you will find your newly imported project listed and ready to use.

Exporting Projects

When you go to the export screen, JKnit displays the list of all your projects that are stored locally in the app. Similarly to importing, click on the desired project and press the Start button. JKnit will then connect to the server and upload your project to the portal's server. You will be able to see this project when you log in to you account on the portal's website.

Overwriting Existing Projects

You have to be careful when you overwrite existing projects while importing and exporting. Due to potential conflicts and problems arising from merging of different project versions, JKnit's transfer manager will simply overwrite the existing projects and their progress states whenever you import and export. So, for example, when you import a project from the portal, you could loose the changes you made to it locally on the device and reset the current row numbers and height event activations for your pieces, etc. However, if you do want to make a substantial update to an existing project and you would prefer to do it on the portal, there is an easy workaround. To preserve the current state of your project, just export it to the portal, add your changes and updates, and import it back to your device.

Transferring Projects Between Multiple Devices

If you use JKnit on multiple devices (i.e., iPhone and iPad), you can easily transfer them from one device to another through the portal. JKnit will transfer not only the projects but also their current states of progress.